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Why do you Feel your Car Steering Wheel may be Hard to Turn?

Why do you Feel your Car Steering Wheel may be Hard to Turn_

There are different reasons that you may be having difficulty in turning your steering wheel. Car Wrecker near me Adelaide offers the following information on why your steering wheel may be hard to turn.

Without the steering system of the car, your car would be inoperable as there would be no control of direction for the car. When the steering wheel is not performing as it should, you are in an unsafe situation. Here are a few of the common reasons that a car’s steering wheel may be hard to turn.

  • Bad Steering Rack – The steering rack is comprised of the pinion and rack. It stays attached to the steering wheel with a series of U joints and shafts. Like many other parts of the car, the steering rack can become worn or damaged from everyday use. Is your steering wheel stiff once you start the car? This is a sign of a bad steering rack. When the car is run, and the engine gets hotter, so will the steering rack and the heat lubricates the rack, allowing it to settle for more. Regardless, of whether it is easier to turn once the car heats up, have your mechanic check the steering rack for necessary repairs.
  • Broken Serpentine Belt –  When serpentine belts are broken or damaged, the steering wheel will be stiff. The serpentine belt of the steering column. Belts often need to be replaced because of the amount of use they get, quickly wearing them down. When the belts become loose, the steering gets stiff. If you neglect to have the belt replaced, it can break, and you will not be able to steer the car at all.
  • Leaky Fluid – When the power steering fluid is low, your steering will be stiff. Typically, low power steering fluid is a result of a leak from the pressurized hose area. Hoses can become cracked or loose, which will cause a leak. When the power steering fluid is the issue, attention is necessary as without the fluid the system will not be pressurised or lubricated, and the steering will be stiff.
  • Pump Failure – The power steering system includes a pump that produces pressure necessary for the steering wheel to turn smoothly. If the pump is not working, the steering of the car will be stiff. You will need to have your mechanic check out the pump as the issue will not correct itself.
  • Thick Fluid – Over time, the power steering fluid can become thick. If you have been neglecting to change your power steering fluid, this could be the issue as it will not properly lubricate the system. The steering will become stiff. The fluid will need to be drained and replaced with new fluid.

As with any issue, your car is experiencing; when you are having difficulties with the power steering of your car, it is necessary to have your mechanic check out the car. Also, if you have not read the owner’s manual for your car, do so. The owner’s manual has important information on the car and its components, as well as service interval schedules which are necessary to keep your car running in top condition.

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