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What’s the difference between Scrapers & Wreckers?

What is the difference between Scrapers & Wreckers_

Automobile manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the world which contributes significantly to the global economy and also creates a lot of waste in the process. Thanks to customer reaction and global warming initiatives, automobile manufacturers have started to adopt the reuse and recycling methods to cut down on the waste generated.

This is where our Vehicle Wreckers Adelaide and scrapers help the automobile industry to eliminate wrecked, old, and end-of-life vehicles out of landfills by properly disposing them off and recycling materials from cars.

Even though wrecking yard, scrap yard, and junkyard are different terms for the same place and are used based on their country of origin like Australia, America, and England. But there is a slight yet important difference between an automobile scraper and wrecker.


A vehicle wrecker is a place of business where an old, junk or damaged vehicle is brought to be dismantled, decommissioned and then wrecked in order to sell their usable parts for use in operating vehicles and the unusable scrap metal parts to be sold to metal recycling companies.

Since Adelaide Wreckers have the authority to sell all car parts, they are technically able to pay more to the sellers. Another reason why wreckers can pay more if you sell your car to them is that they have their own wrecking yard and dismantling unit. They do not have to pay a third party to decommission all the useful parts and safely dispose of the unusable toxic parts without causing environmental damage.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell your car for cash to a scrap yard, you might not make a good amount from it. Why? The reason is a scrap yard buys and sells scrap metal be it iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, zinc, nickel, lead or any other base metal. A scrap yard owner would not be interested in paying you more because your car has original accessories since to him only the metal part is important. All this metal is sold to refineries or larger scrap brokers.

However, if you take your car with the same original accessories to a reputable wrecker, they will be able to pay you more because he will be reusing those accessories to resell them in the market. From its outer shell to the batteries, engine, air conditioning unit, speakers, and lubricants everything will be brought to use to resell in the market.

In short, scrapyards are good if your vehicle is completely done and dusted. If anything is left, opting for a wrecker will be a better choice.