What is the average settlement for a car accident in Adelaide?

Posted On August 24th, 2019

The settlement you get for your car in Adelaide, if it’s insured, depends on your car, its value and its damage. If your car is completely written off by your insurance company, you should get 100% of the original value of your vehicle less depreciation. 


Scrap Car Removal Services in Adelaide are the best people to call to take away a car that’s been written off in an accident

An Adelaide-based Scrap Car Removal Service, Car Wreckers Adelaide will give you a good price for your car should it be written off by your insurance company. We can afford to give you this price because we also double up as auto-wreckers. 


Auto Wreckers in Adelaide buy old cars and sell their parts for a small profit

They share this profit with you when you sell your car to them. Given we are one of Adelaide’s Best Car Removal Services and auto wreckers, we pay top prices for old cars, accident damaged cars and wrecked cars in the city. 


Price is not the only reason you should choose us 

Because of what we follow up price with – great service. 

Expect from a Car Accident Settlemen


What you can always be confident you will receive when you sell your car to us is: 

  • Service with a smile
  • A positive, friendly attitude 
  • Cash payments upfront 
  • FREE Quotes over the phone – always 
  • Car buyers who drive to you to pick up your car when they purchase it 


Car Wreckers Adelaide recognises how important cash is to customers these days. 

This is why we make all our payments upfront – and in cash – to our clients.

Sell your car to us if it’s been damaged, or written off in an accident, and we guarantee to give you the Best Price Available’ in the market. 


We buy Unwanted Cars – also <Unwanted Trucks>

Truck Wreckers in Adelaide with a reputation for buying all brands of trucks including Australia’s two favourite trucks – the Mitsubishi Fuso and the Toyota Hilux, we are always careful to benchmark our prices to the markets’. 

This ensures we never shortchange our clients of money that is due to them. 


We are interested in buying Old Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks in Adelaide

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks are probably Australia’s finest trucks at the moment. The first light-duty trucks with safety and advanced braking compression features (the FUSO is the only truck with Daimler technology that will apply 340 kilowatts of pressure so you can brake in time should an emergency arise), the Fuso is a truck with the Soul of a Sumo. 


Durable and tough, we are interested in Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks because we are Auto Wreckers in Adelaide 

We buy your old trucks, take them apart, sell the parts that are working online. The parts that aren’t working we degrease and dispose of in environmentally thoughtful ways.


A Car and Truck Removal Service in Adelaide you can trust

Car Wreckers Adelaide has been servicing Adelaide residents for over a decade. 

Besides providing our clients with FREE Car Removal Services, we pay them top dollar for their cars or trucks should they wish to dispose of either. 


Sell your car or truck to us and get a FREE Quote today! 

To obtain your FREE Quote, call us today on 08 8268 8820.



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