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What Is an Eco-Friendly Car Disposal Option in Australia’s Main Cities?

What Is an Eco-Friendly Car Disposal Option in AustraliaGÇÖs Main Cities_

With most car owners being aware of the dangers of disposing of cars in landfills or open plots, most turn to disposing of their cars in an eco-friendly manner. But, what exactly is eco-friendly car disposals? Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following information on eco-friendly car disposal.


Suppose your car has been involved in an accident that has left it inoperable. Perhaps, you let the car sit for too long, and it has deteriorated. Regardless, your car can’t be sold as a working car, and there are no wreckers in town that want to buy the car. And, at the same time, you don’t exactly want to fork out a couple of hundred dollars to have the car towed to the wrecker. Wait. There is a wrecker in town that will buy your car. Car Wreckers Adelaide buy every make and condition of a car, and we come to the locations of our customers in Adelaide to remove them at no cost.

So, what is our procedure for eco-friendly car disposal? Firstly, we have wreckers & recyclers. Our wreckers are top notch at pulling engines apart for any working parts. So, once all the fluids of the car are drained, that is one of the first things our wreckers will do; pull the engine of the car and start to dismantle it. Working parts will be reconditioned and resold; nonworking parts will be recycled. Once the engine is dismantled, we will then crush and recycle the shell of the car. With us, even the oil and tyres of the car are recycled, so you have eco-friendly disposal that leaves a minimal carbon imprint on the environment.


With Car Wreckers Adelaide, getting cash for your car recycling is simple. All that is necessary is to contact us for a quote. If you take us up on our offer, we will schedule a free Unwanted Car Removal Adelaide at a time convenient for you. When our technician arrives all the necessary paperwork will be provided for us to purchase your car, and once signed legally, you will have our cash payment for your car in your hand.

To obtain a cash quote for your car of any make and condition, please contact us at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our online quote form. Call us at 08 8268 8820