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Top 5 Signs That Your Water Pump May Be Bad

Top 5 Signs That Your Water Pump May Be Bad

The water pump is designed to keep the engine of a car cool to prevent damage from overheating. When the water pump is bad, mechanical attention is needed as you are risking the health of your car’s engine if you neglect the problem. Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following tips on signs that your water pump may be bad.

  1. Engine overheating: The engine is the most common symptom of a bad water pump. Without the pump properly functioning, coolant to circulate in the engine, cooling it down. When this occurs, heat builds up in the engine, and the engine will start to overheat. When the temperature gauge rises or the warning light illuminates, it is a sign that the water pump is bad.
  2. Radiator Steam: When there is steam coming from under the bonnet on the front side while driving or when the vehicle stops, it is a sign that your engine is overheating. The radiator is designed to hold the water; and, when the water pump is bad, the water cannot circulate through the radiator to cool the engine down. The result is steam will start to come from the engine area as a result of the car’s engine overheating. A mechanic will need to check out the engine as soon as possible.
  3. Sounds: Another sign that your water pump is bad is that you will hear noise coming from the engine of the car. The noise may be a whining or buzzing noise. The reason for the noise is that when the belt circulates, the noise is made. The belt may be loose because of worn out water pump bearings or a pulley. If the cause is the bearings, you will need to replace your water pump.
  4. Fluid Leak: Water pumps are designed with a weep hole for the coolant in its housing area can leak out; otherwise, it would go into the shaft bearing and lock up, causing it not to be able to turn. When this occurs, the serpentine belt will be thrown off, and the car will not be able to be driven. Typically, there is a leak from the seals of the pump shaft as the car’s engine runs. When it is turned off the pump will stop leaking and turning.
  5. Temperature Gauge: When the cooling system is working properly, the temperature gauge will read normally. However, when it is not working properly due to a faulty water pump, then the car’s engine will heat up, and the temperature gauge needle will go back and forth from normal to hot and likewise. This is also a sign that the radiator is bad; either way, you will need to have your mechanic check out the car.

The water pump is not a cheap part to replace. Typically, replacement costs average between $300 to $430. Like any other issue with the car, it is vital not to overlook the problem as further, more costly damage can result.

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