This Is the Way to Get A Quick Sale for Your Damaged Car

Posted On March 23rd, 2018

Your first thought might be “Oh please! There is no way to get a quick sale for a damaged car.” After all, who could imagine a quick sale for your engine damaged car? Car Wreckers Adelaide could. We are the Car Removals Adelaide that buys damaged engine cars.

Is Car Wreckers Adelaide Your Solution for A Quick Sale for Your Engine Damaged Car?

car wreckers in Adelaide

We could be! We don’t require that car owners go through hassles when selling their cars to us. Selling a damaged engine car typically takes selling the car to a mechanic that is willing to make the repairs themselves. Perhaps, there is a buyer that wants to buy the car for spare parts. However, finding that buyer might be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. When your choice in an Unwanted Car Buyers in Adelaide, you have a car buyer that doesn’t require that you go to any expense to sell your car to us, and we make an instant cash payment.

As wreckers, we buy hundreds of engine damaged cars weekly to pull working parts from their engines to resale. What is left of the cars we will recycle, such as the metals in the body of the cars and the nonworking parts. So, we are wreckers that know how to get maximum value from cars.

How It Works When You Sell Your Car to Us

When you have a car that is in wrecked or accident condition, selling your car to us is a simple process. We are car buyers that provide quotes for cars of any make and condition over the phone or online. Simply contact our appraiser with the details of your car for a quote. Our quotes are cash quotes – that will be paid to car owners that accept our offers and are always provided with no obligation to accept them. Car owners that do accept our cash offers can choose a time for us to come to buy & remove their cars. The process is one that is simple and complete as all paperwork is provided by our company and a cash payment paid for the car at the time we arrive to remove it.

With Car Wreckers Adelaide it isn’t a hassle to get cash for cars. Give us a call for a cash quote at the number below or visit our homepage to fill out our online form. Call us for top cash for your wrecked or accident condition car. Call 08 8268 8820.

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