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Take tips from Car Wreckers Adelaide for Timing Belt for Car Engine

Take tips from Car Wreckers Adelaide for Timing Belt for Car Engine

When the timing belt is bad, there are issues that your car will experience. Car Wreckers Adelaide offers car owners the following information on how to tell if the timing belt is bad.

Rough Idling Timing belts have teeth on the belts so that they can grip gears as they rotate the different engine parts and components. When the teeth start to wear or fall off, the timing belt will start to slip away from the gears. When this happens, the teeth will fall onto the gears, and an engine jolt will be formed.  The camshaft timing will also become off, so the engine will start to stall.

Engine Misfire When the timing belt is worn out, the fire rate of the engine may be jeopardised. One of the cylinders will open and close too soon should the timing belt slip away from the gears and land onto the camshaft. Should this occur, the engine will misfire, which is a sign that the belt needs replacement. Regardless, immediate mechanical attention is needed to prevent permanent damage.

Engine Smoking When you start to see unusual smoke coming from your tailpipe, you likely have an issue with your timing belt. Cylinders are designed with two holes on the top that are there to let out the exhaust and let in air. The holes are synchronised with the cylinder movements, and the camshaft is rotating. If the timing belt is worn out, the holes will not be synchronised and exhaust the timing of exhaust being let out and air being let in will be off so that smoke will come out of the exhaust system.

Oil Pressure Decline The camshaft is spun by the timing belt. When the timing belt is off, it can skip and what results is it will start to break off pieces of the camshaft that can end up in the oil pan, and the oil pressure will drop in the engine’s bottom. When this occurs, the engine will fail, and the entire engine will need to be rebuilt.

Broken Pistons or Valves When the timing belt is completely broken or cut off, it is a serious issue. The crankshaft will start to turn by itself, and there will be no sync with the camshaft motion. When this occurs, the valves and the pistons come into contact with one another when they open, and both can be damaged. While a timing belt replacement may be annoying, it is much cheaper than repairs to the engine, so have it replaced immediately.

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