Sell My Clunker for Top Cash In Adelaide

Posted On February 28th, 2020

Most people look at their Old or Junk Car as an inconvenience. That’s understandable: who wants to have to deal with an old, rusting vehicle that takes up space and is an eyesore? If this describes your Old Car situation, then we’re happy to tell you that your unwanted vehicle is actually an opportunity for an Instant Cash for Cars payment up to $9,999! We can turn your unwanted vehicle into a Top Cash for Cars payment this very day.

Simply call us today at 08 8268 8820 and we’ll be right with you.

Cash For Clunker

Sell Your Car for Cash in Adelaide in a Few Easy Steps

1.      Get an Instant Quote

Getting a fair offer for your car has never been easier. We calculate our quotes based on a full description of your vehicle, so can provide them to you over the phone or online in minutes without having to inspect your vehicle in person. Our offers are no-obligation and cost-free, so you can take your time thinking it over or looking for other quotes.

2.      Book Your Cash for Cars Adelaide Service

After accepting Car Wreckers Adelaide competitive offer, you can then book an appointment with us at the best time for you. We’re available on your terms, whether that be as soon as possible or next Thursday afternoon.

3.      Prepare Your Documents

You don’t have to stress about all the paperwork involved in handing over your car because we’ll prepare this as a complimentary service. Just bring Proof of Ownership documents and photo ID: we’ll handle the rest.

4.      Get Paid by Adelaide’s Car Removal Leaders

After guiding you through the necessary paperwork, our team will then pay you your Cash for Cars sum as promised on the phone or online.

5.      Receive Your Free Car Removal

Finally, your vehicle will be towed within minutes of Car Wreckers Adelaide arrival at your location. And like that, everything will have been done and dusted!

Your Old Car is Worth Top Cash for Cars. Here’s Why:

Car Wreckers Adelaide allows motorists to sell their car quickly, even if their car is damaged or written-off. As Adelaide Auto Wreckers, we know that even a vehicle that is old or no longer working has auto parts and scrap metals that are worth a lot of money. So, don’t fret if your old car has had its last spin: we’ll buy it with up to $9,999 Instant Cash for Cars.

Valuable Auto Parts in an Old Car include:

·         Scrap Metals

·         Doors

·         Seats

·         Windows

·         Windshield Wipers

·         Radiator

·         Transmission

·         Alternator

·         Catalytic Converter

·         Panels

·         Gilles

·         Air Con

·         Speaker System

·         Engine Parts

·         Interior Parts

·         Gear Box

·         Starter Motor

·         Tailgate

·         Stereo

·         And Many More

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