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Need to Sell Broken Cars in Adelaide?

Need to Sell Broken Cars in Adelaide_

Unfortunately, accidents happen. In South Australia alone, over 22,000 reported car accidents occurred last year. If you’ve had the misfortune of recently being in one, then figuring out what to do with your damaged car can be a stressful time.

Having a damaged car lying around your property doesn’t look good, and it’s really a waste of space. Plus, seeing the crumpled up bonnet, or dented side doors can bring back memories of the accident: something we would perhaps rather forget. If you’re wondering whether you should repair or sell your defunct car to Car Wreckers in Adelaide, then ask yourself the following two questions.


Unfortunately, sometimes the extent of the damage to your car can be so great that repairing it would cost (a lot) more than its actual market value. If so, then you may as well be done with it, and sell it “as is” to a car wrecker in Adelaide. You can then use that money for another car.


If the damage on your car is minimal, and not too expensive to fix, then find out how long it would take to get your car up and running again. Sometimes it can be hard finding the right parts your car needs, especially when the make or model of the car is rare, or has been imported.

This may mean that it could take months for you to be able to drive your car again. This is fine if you don’t need to drive right away, and have the patience to wait it out. But if you need a set of wheels ASAP, then selling it to a car wrecker can be the way to go. You can then use that cash for a new car.

So keep the above in mind when trying to decide what to do. If you do decide to “Sell your Car to Wrecker”, and you live in Adelaide, the make sure you contact Car Wreckers Near Me Adelaide who Pays Cash.

We look after the Adelaide area and provide a fast, friendly and professional service. We also provide free cash for cars quotes and free car removal. To get your free cash for cars quote today, please call us and speak to one of our friendly staff today. Alternatively, fill out the form to the right and email us.

We look after the Adelaide area and provide a fast, friendly and professional service. We also provide free Cash for Cars Quotes and ‘FREE Car Removal’. To get your free cash for cars quote today, please call 0477 413 136 and speak to one of our friendly staff today. Alternatively, fill out the form to the right and email us.