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Is Your Steering Wheel Making Noises When Turning?

Is Your Steering Wheel Making Noises When Turning_

When the car steering is making noises when turning, it is a little more than annoying. It is a bit frightening, too. If you hear noises, there could be something wrong under the hood or in the steering column. Car Wrecker Adelaide offers the following information on why your steering wheel may be making noises when turning.

  • Dry Jounce Busing – The jounce bushing is located on top of the front strut. When a bushing becomes dry, there will be a noise something like a groaning or creaking sound. The jounce bushing needs attention as if you don’t fix it the issue will worsen.
  • Power Steering Rack is Bad – When the steering lets out a whine when turning, the power steering. The sound likely is more noticeable when driving at lower speeds, which is typical. The cause could also be a bad belt or vane pump.
  • Struts and Shocks are Bad – Struts and shocks are components of the car that will eventually go bad. When they start to go out, you’ll notices noises when turning. If you do not have them replaced, the car will start to bounce when turning, as well.
  • Tie Rod Ends Bad – Tie rods are responsible for the steering wheel being able to turn. When they are bad or damaged, you’ll hear a knocking sound, especially when turning at lower speeds.
  • The Ball Joints are Bad or Damaged – The ball joints allow the steering knuckles and control arms to sustain the movement. The joints require lubrication so that they do not become dry. When they become dry, you’ll hear a noise in the steering.
  • The Suspension Bushings are Bad – When the suspension bushings are bad, you will hear a noise. These bushing will eventually wear out and become damaged through daily wear on the engine.
  • Power Steering Fluid Leak – The power steering fluid is necessary to lubricate and pressurise the steering system, allowing smooth steering, and the fluid to flow from the reservoir to the steering rack and pinion, allowing the car to be steered. When there is a leak, that can occur from a damaged or loose hose, it will reduce the lubrication and pressure necessary for the steering system to properly function, and noise will result.
  • The Steering Reservoir Tank is Clogged – The reservoir tank holds the power steering fluid. Typically, there is a filter inside of the reservoir tank that is there to keep the fluid clean. When the reservoir is clogged, the noise will start to occur when turning the steering wheel.

There are different reasons why your steering may be making noises when turning. Regardless of the issue that the car may be having, do not overlook the attention of a mechanic, as having a mechanic’s immediate attention is necessary. As always, if you haven’t read your owner’s manual, do so. The owner’s manual for any vehicle includes essential information for the car, including issues of concern, service interval schedules, where things are located, and more.

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