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Is Your Old Car a Hazard to The Environment? Time to Sell Your Car for Cash in Adelaide

Is Your Old Car a Hazard to The Environment_ Time to Sell Your Car for Cash in Adelaide

Automobiles are a very essential part of our lives. There is not a single household today that does not own at least one, if not two, cars. While cars are convenient and most of us can’t imagine a life without cars, the sad truth is that the automobile industry is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint. As car owners, it’s our responsibility to dispose of our old or scrap car in a responsible manner, for the good of the environment. To Sell Your Old Car for Cash in Adelaide, contact Car Wreckers Adelaide today for a free quote.


Fuel Consumption

It hardly comes as a surprise to anyone that older models are not as fuel efficient as their newer counterparts. Older cars consume a lot more fuel and that’s neither good for the environment or for your bank balance. So, if you’re stuck with an old car that’s drinking up fuel, then contact us for a Cash for Old Cars offer today.

Hazardous Fluids

Cars contain highly toxic fluids which can pollute the atmosphere and cause major health hazards. These toxic fluids include antifreeze, refrigerants, brake fluid, battery acid and motor oil. While a car in good condition doesn’t pose a threat, a neglected car that’s left unwanted in the garage can start to deteriorate. And when that happens, these fluids might start leaking and seeping into the ground, polluting and poisoning the environment. It’s never a good idea to let a car sit idle for long periods of time. The longer it sits, the more it will deteriorate. So, if you own an unwanted car that you want to get rid of, don’t put it off for another day. Pick up your phone and give us a call today and we’ll offer you an Instant Cash for Old Car in Adelaide.

Material Waste

Every year tons of waste is produced from end of life vehicles that we can no longer cope with. These abandoned cars are left to rust away in driveways and garages. Material waste can be cut down by car scrapping through an authorised treatment facility to reuse and recycle metal, glass, plastic, tyres and motor parts. At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we provide Free Eco-Friendly Car Recycling. And what’s more? We provide you with an honest Cash for Old Car offer on top of it. So, to summarise, you get a free car removal, wrecking and recycling along with a top cash offer! Now that’s a win-win-win!


You can help save the environment by selling your old car for scrap. Get in touch with Car Wreckers Adelaide to receive a cash payment on the spot when you Sell Your Old Car to us.

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