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Is It Better to Sell Your Car to an Adelaide Car Wrecker or Pull the Parts Yourself?

Is It Better to Sell Your Car to an Adelaide Car Wrecker or Pull the Parts Yourself_

With the question of selling your car to an Adelaide wrecker or parting the car yourself, you will likely get a few different answers. Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following information.


Firstly, not all car owners can part out cars themselves. Parting out a car means dismantling the engine which takes tools and knowledge, as well as time. It also means knowing what parts are still in working condition to pull. If you aren’t the DIY mechanic type with the proper tools, it will be the best choice to sell your car to a wrecker. Perhaps, you are the DIY mechanic type with the tools, but just don’t have the time or energy to pull out parts for resale. Then, selling the car to a Car Removals Adelaide is a good option. If you aren’t the DIY mechanic type, you could place costly advertisements advertising the car for sale and selling it for its parts, but it may take some time to find a buyer; so, likely selling your car to a car wrecker in Adelaide is the best choice available to you.


Car Wreckers Adelaide is a wrecker that is established and trusted, providing our customers with fair cash payouts for their cars, and offering our services as a courtesy when we buy cars. Our services include:

  • Free Car Wrecking & Recycling

    What’s better than having free car wreckers at your disposal? With Car Wreckers Adelaide, we are your free car wreckers & recyclers to maximise the value of your car.

  • Free car removals Adelaide

    We make it easy to get rid of a damaged car. We come to the locations of our local customers providing them with free removals at times convenient for them.

  • Free paperwork

    No trying to find the right paperwork to transfer the liability of your car to its new owner. We bring all the paperwork with us.


To obtain a cash quote for your car, give Car Wreckers Adelaide a call at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage. With us, you have Adelaide wreckers that put instant cash in your hand & provide a free car removal. Get your car sold by calling us at 08 8268 8820.