How To Find The Best Truck Wreckers And Dismantlers In Adelaide?

Posted On July 25th, 2019

Even though we buy trucks, we never forget what we sell – service.

Best Truck Wreckers Adelaide

Welcome to Car Wreckers Adelaide. A Scrap Car Removalist, we are Truck Wreckers Adelaide who are always looking to buy Old Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, Vans, Utes – the works.

A Cash-for-Car Service, we pay prices you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

But even more importantly, we pay you Cash for Your Truck or Car – the moment you hand it over to us!

Wrecking Truck

Who can you trust when you’re selling your old Truck or Car? 

Trust is created when transactions are fair. Few know this better than those engaged in buying or selling used cars – whether old, new or unwanted.

Trust is something we’ve done our best to deliver our customers with at Car Wreckers Adelaide. We’ve found – through both experience and time – that our clients will only trust us when we do the right thing by them.

The right thing, from our perspective, is to accurately value their vehicle so we can price it for them in a way that is fair.


Well regarded when it comes to providing Cash-for Car-Services in Adelaide

With over 5000 customers who have sold their vehicles to us, so far, Car Wreckers Adelaide is happy to reveal that it has moved from being a Cash for Car Dealer – to being a Cash for Car Service.

Our clients don’t just come to us for the prices we offer them – but the Service!


It’s Service with a Smile – or else at Car Wreckers Adelaide 

At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we’ve been in business long enough to know what makes it tick.



People come for the product – they stay for the service. Most of the customers we serve don’t just finish with one transaction- they come back for a second and then a third.

It’s because of the way we treat them – with RESPECT.  It’s the one thing we’ll always give our customers – regardless of whether they sell their cars to us or not.


We pay well for Unwanted Cars – we do not pay extravagantly for them 

What years in the Cash-for-Car business has taught us is the importance of managing expectations.

Yes, if your car is in perfect working condition, you can get up to $9,999 cash on the spot.

However, in most cases, the cars we buy are old and unwanted. Many are rusting and most don’t run. What we provide the owners of these cars with is a SERVICE – we give them a fair amount of cash for cars they no longer need or want and throw in a free car removal to make the car selling process more convenient for them.


Is your car or truck no longer roadworthy?

If so, we’d be happy to make you an offer for it.

  • If your car or truck lacks a green slip – no problem
  • If your car or truck lacks a pink slip – no problem
  • If your car or truck is about to be repossessed – no problem
  • If your car or truck is not insured or registered – definitely no problem!


We buy cars – all conditions – trucks too!

The least fussy car and truck buyers in town, our goal at Car Wreckers Adelaide is to secure vehicles the same day we quote on them. A quick, efficient and transparent process is what we guarantee our clients with.


If you have an Unwanted Car, do give us a call – we’d love to quote on it. You can reach us at 08 8268 8820


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