Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to expect in a cash valuation for my car?

A. Car owners can expect Car Wreckers Adelaide to evaluate their vehicles over the phone and online accurately. We make cash offers based on various factors of the vehicle, such as its make, model, year, and condition. We ask that car owners be as descriptive as possible with the condition of their vehicles. As Auto Wreckers, we pay top cash.

Q. What are the documents needed to sell your car to Car Wreckers Adelaide?

A. Car Wreckers Adelaide prefers when sellers have the title of ownership for their vehicles. However, we can accept other proof of ownership like the registration or scrap certificate for the vehicle. We also require that sellers have a valid photo ID. If you have a VIN check or history logbook for the vehicle, we would also appreciate sellers provide us with the documentation.

Q. How to sell my car to you that is still on finance?

A. Car Wreckers Adelaide will make a cash offer for vehicles that are still on finance. If the offer we make for the vehicle is greater than the balance owing, the finance will be paid, and the remainder provided to the seller. If your car’s outstanding balance is more than the cash value we offer for the vehicle, the seller will be required to pay the finance company the difference. We are auto wreckers you can trust for a fair cash value.

Q. How to sell my car that has been involved in an accident?

A. To sell your car to Car Wreckers Adelaide that has been involved in an accident is the same process as selling any other car of any condition. We are auto and truck wreckers that will request the details of the vehicle, which can be provided over the phone or online and then make a cash offer that the seller can accept or reject.

Q. How to get my car appraised with Car Wreckers Adelaide?

A. To get your car appraised with Car Wreckers Adelaide, sellers can contact our ‘Auto & Truck Wreckers’ over the phone, or online. We will require the make, model, year, and description of your vehicle to provide a cash quote.

Q. What to do if my car needs to be towed. who pays for the towing?

A. Car Wreckers Adelaide buys many cars that are not roadworthy. While some “Car Removal Companies” charge for the towing of vehicles, we do not. We pay all towing costs provided that the car is located in Adelaide and the sellers have accepted our cash offer to purchase their vehicles.

Q. How to get cash for cars with Car Wreckers Adelaide? Is the process complicated?

A. You may think that the process to collect cash for your car would be complicated; however, it is not. Car Wreckers Adelaide pays top cash for cars of all makes and conditions and doesn’t require anything more than all paperwork for the sale of the vehicle to be completed by both parties and our cash payment accepted. We make our cash payments at the time of the vehicle removals.

Q. What to do if I don’t like the quote I receive?

A. If a seller does not like the cash quote that Car Wreckers Adelaide offers they do not have to accept our cash offer. We provide cash quotes with no obligation to accept our cash offer.

Q. What to do if I have a scrap car?

A. Sellers are still paid cash for their scrap cars. Car Wreckers Adelaide pays cash for scrap cars of every make and condition. We recycle the metals of the vehicles. The process is eco-friendly and pays cash at the time we provide a free scrap car removal Adelaide.

Last updated on June 6th, 2022 at 01:42 pm

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