Eco-friendly Wrecking & Recycling Services in Adelaide

Posted On June 16th, 2019

Adelaide, your Eco-Friendly Auto Recycling Service is here!

Car Wrecking & Recycling Services

Car Wreckers Adelaide is Adelaide’s foremost Auto Recycling Service, providing an unrivalled Vehicle Wrecking Service that allows you to remove your car in an environmentally friendly way.

Not only do can you receive a Free Car Removal with our Eco-Friendly Auto Wrecking Service, you will also get rewarded with up to $9,999 in Instant Cash for Cars.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Car Recycling Services like Car Wreckers Adelaide

Did you know that half a million cars are disposed of in Australia each year? Many of these cars end up in the landfill which can be extremely detrimental to the environment to pollution, chemical leaks and more.

Car Removals Adelaide

This is why Auto Recycling is more important than ever. Car Wreckers Adelaide allow you to dispose of your vehicle without harming the environment, recycling almost every material in your vehicle.

What Parts of My Car is Recycled with Car Wreckers Adelaide’s Car Recycling Service?

Thanks to Car Wreckers Adelaide’s advanced Car Recycling system, they can recycle many parts of your car in a way that is infinitely more eco-friendly than simply dumping your car at a landfill.

First of all, your car is filled with valuable metals such as steel, cobalt, zinc, aluminium, platinum, palladium and more.

We are able to dismantle and melt these materials into sheet metal which is recycled and reused.

We are also able to recycle many other materials in your car such as plastics, rubber, glass and more.

Some of the parts of your car we recycle include:

  • Your Car’s Metals
  • Your Car’s Rims
  • Your Car’s Tyres
  • Your Car’s Windows
  • Your Car’s Engine Parts
  • And Many More

What Car Wreckers Adelaide Offers Adelaide Residents

There are many advantages of choosing Car Wreckers Adelaide, thanks to our fantastic range of free services.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Cash for Cars in Any Condition
  • Free Car Removals Adelaide Wide
  • Eco-Friendly Car Recycling/Auto Wrecking
  • Free Paperwork
  • Fast Car Removals
  • Experienced Car Removals Experts

We Pay Cash for Cars In Any Condition in Adelaide

Not only can you recycle your vehicle in an eco-friendly way, you can also get Instant Cash for Cars up to $9,999.

We offer Adelaide Car Owners with:

  • Cash for Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Scrap Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Damaged Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Old Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Broken Down Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Registered Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Unregistered Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Unwanted Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Wrecked Cars Adelaide
  • Cash for Flood Damaged Cars Adelaide

Call Us Today for Adelaide’s Unrivalled Auto Wrecking Service

You can receive Car Wreckers Adelaide’s fantastic Auto Wrecking, Cash for Cars and Car Removals Services by simply contacting us via phone or online. Our no-obligation quotes can be given without needing to inspect your car in person. After accepting our offer, our experts will arrive at your premises to pay you Top Cash for Cars and a speedy Free Car Removal.

Contact Car Wreckers Adelaide today at 08 8268 8820

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