Sell your used, broken, barely working car and get top dollars at Car Wreckers Adelaide. We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans of any make, model and condition for top cash up to $9,999. Call us for a quick quote.

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    Get Our Cash for Scrap Cars Adelaide Service: TURN YOUR OLD CLUNKER INTO PROFIT

    A car you can’t take out on the road anymore is a straight-away clunker. And that’s why you should turn this unroadworthy car into cash. Say goodbye to your dusty,  scrap car with our best cash for scrap cars Adelaide service. We are your go-to choice for top cash, regardless of your car’s condition. Our hassle-free, same-day car removal service, along with free towing and paperwork handling, makes selling your car a total breeze. So, don’t miss out on this golden chance. Turn your old car into instant cash now! Contact us today to get the best value for your unwanted car.

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    About Us

    We are associated with JAPANESE AUTO SPARES PTY. LTD since Nov 2011 Under ABN 46 154 053 488. Our mission is to help you get rid of old, scrap, and unwanted cars while providing top cash offers. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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    About Us

    3 Simple Steps to Remove Your Car

    With a dedicated workforce, we provide facilities that include free car removal service in Adelaide. Our top-rated dismantling and recycling practices satisfy our esteemed customers, who delve into our process to sell their cars for top cash.
    Here is how we buy your old and damaged cars:

    Get a Free Quote

    Submit a quote form to brief us about your car make, model, age and condition. Get an expert opinion and a quotation free from any biases.

    Set An Appointment for Car Removal

    Once you agree on the quotation, book an appointment for the same-day car removal. Our team engages your feasibility to book a removal.

    Get Paid

    Once the car is removed, your payments are dispatched on the spot. When our team arrives at your location, you will be paid immediately.

    Cash For Cars Adelaide Customer Reviews

    Cash For Cars Adelaide CUSTOMER REVIEWS

    Our customers’ reviews showcase the productivity and satisfaction of our Cash For Cars Adelaide service. We always strive to create a 100% trust score.

    Owen White

    They gave me the best price for my van, almost double than those much closer.  They explained the process and showed up when they said they would. Got down to business and took care of the paper work and loaded the van onto a truck. Simple process, and now the headache / money pit is gone. Thank You, I’ll recommend your services anytime someone needs to junk a car or needs particular parts

    Babara Powell

    Best experience I’ve ever had dealing with a car Wrecking company. They arrived on time to see my car, the didn’t try devaluing the car so they could pay less unlike the previous company I contacted, They made a reasonable offer which I accepted. Great people to deal with.

    Charles Roobhan

    I had booked for my old car pickup and I was very happy with the service provided as they were on time and the truck driver was very polite and they picked up my car without any hassle. I highly recommend.

    James Knight

    Great guys, very easy to deal with. Sold a Van for scrap for a top price and had it towed away quickly and efficiently.

    P.C.K Thianhlun

    You can find your car parts need by yourself. Bring your tool for removing your need then pay for it. You can save lots of money on your car parts.


    Our Recent Purchases From Adelaide

    We buy all types of cars; here are some images of our recently purchased vehicles. (We can’t share the image of each car due to customer security.)

    1996 Toyota Corolla Conquest

    1996 Toyota Corolla Conquest

    Location: Adelaide


    Sold due to its age and to make room for a more current model, this classic Toyota Corolla served well but was ready for retirement.

    2004 Ford Falcon XR6T

    2004 Ford Falcon XR6T

    Location: Norwood, Adelaide


    Owner decided to upgrade to a newer model, parting with this well-loved Ford Falcon that had become too dated for their needs.

    2008 Audi A8

    2008 Audi A8

    Location: Glenelg, Adelaide


    With a broken front bumper and showing its age, this Audi A8 was sold to us as the owner sought a more contemporary and less damaged car.

    2009 Subaru Forester

    2009 Subaru Forester

    Location: Kensington, Adelaide


    After a significant front-end accident, the owner chose to sell this Subaru Forester rather than face costly repairs.

    2011 Holden Captiva 7 LX

    2011 Holden Captiva 7 LX

    Location: Brighton, Adelaide

    $3,500 to $5,300

    Appearing aged and in need of an update, the owner of this Holden Captiva opted to sell for a fair price and move on to a newer model.

    Cash for Unwanted Cars: All Conditions Accepted

    When you no longer know what to do with your car, the best course of action is to let it go for cash. However, you might still be confused about: Which type of cars  our “cash for cars adelaide service” buy? Below is the answer

    Our Collaboration With WMRR (Waste Management & Resource Recycling Association, Australia)

    WMRR is an association that covers a massive spectrum of different industries to reduce waste and plan strategic recycling. With our aim to provide sustainable car removal and dismantling, we comply with the regulations and policies standardised by this association regarding waste management and car recycling to reduce landfills and elevate resource recovery. The waste is monitored using advanced AI tools to take reasonable steps in action. Also, the recovery of salvageable parts is treated and recycled to be used. This decreases the demand for the production of new vehicles, hence preserving the sustainability of natural resources. With the support of WMRR, we can foster environmental safety and contribute a massive quantity of raw materials like car components, metal, and reusable materials to the economy.

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    Our Collaboration With WMRR (Waste Management & Resource Recycling Association, Australia)

    Explore Top-Notch Cash for Scrap Cars Adelaide Benefits

    We are a well-established car removal company with years of expertise in the automotive sector. Our services generate customer satisfaction and allow customers to get rid of their unwanted cars without any barriers.

    Trust our expert auto removal in Adelaide as we offer the following benefits:

    Highest Cash for Cars

    We offer the best prices for your car through a fair valuation system, always higher than what the market provides.

    Free Car Inspection & Removal

    Refrain from sinking your investments into auto inspection & removal with other car buyers as our services are free of cost.

    Prompt Customer Support

    Our team is available to assist you at any time of the day to resolve your queries related to the process.

    Experienced Workforce

    Our qualified and experienced team members are available to bring expert solutions to your car-selling troubles.

    Fair Valuation Techniques

    Using high-tech tools and software, we generate fair offers for your cars based on their make, model, and condition.

    Diversity in Services

    You are open to selling us any car in any condition without facing any discrimination to get paid justified offers.

    Explore More Benefits
    Explore Top Notch Cash for Scrap Cars Adelaide Benefits


    When you sell your scrap car to us, a Free Car Removal Adelaide is on its way. We are Adelaide wreckers that, once a quote we make is accepted, quickly schedule free removals at times that work around the schedules of our customers. There is no rearranging your schedule, and there are no costs whatsoever involved when selling your car to us.

    You can get your car sold to us over the Phone online, and the car removal is a perk and a convenience that goes along with selling your car to us.

    Get Cash for Cars Adelaide Through Easy Documentation

    You don’t need a pool of documents to sell us your car. Our team only looks for a few documents to proceed with the transaction:

    We suggest you stay transparent while submitting the information and documents of your car. With the transparency in the process, you are likely to earn the top cash for cars in Adelaide. However, in the event of any misleading information, we might terminate the offer as per our terms and conditions.

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    Professional Wrecking & Car Removal Adelaide Wide

    Do you own any old, scrap, damaged or unwanted car that no longer serves its part? Sell it to the best auto-wrecking company in Adelaide. They will not only pay you quick cash for cars but also offer quality-driven car dismantling services to you.

    You don’t have to stress when trusting us with your car. We have the finest protocols that lead a car to the recycling and disposal state without leaving any contaminants spilling in the way.

    Benefits of Our Expert  Wrecking Services in Adelaide

    Through our expert wrecking services in Adelaide, we commit to addressing the following advantages, which benefit the users and guarantee the environment’s safety.

    Recovery of Resources

    Our advanced wrecking tools extract salvage car parts for restoration, reducing the demand for new car components.

    Environmental Safety

    The highly protected wrecking techniques prevent environmental damage, ensuring the safe disposal of car contaminants.

    Safe Disposal of Hazardous Material

    Toxic materials like fluids and other lubricants are safely removed for disposal to prevent any spillage or release.

    Availability of Quality Car Components

    Using the professional wrecking approach, we uplift the availability of quality car components sold at economical prices.

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    Professional Wrecking & Car Removal Adelaide Wide

    We Buy All Brands of Cars For Cash in Adelaide

    Following are some brands that we frequently purchase in Adelaide city:

    Whether you have a car, ute, van, or truck – you name it – we’ll gladly buy it after paying cash on the spot.

    No Towing Charges in our Cash for Cars Adelaide SA Service

    Towing charges can cost you a fortune if the buyer does not sponsor them. With us, experience a free of cost hassle-free selling without towing charges. From managing your car removal to handling the disposal, we ensure you don’t invest a dollar.

    Our professional truck drivers use advanced equipment and towing tools to relocate unwanted cars from your garage to our junkyards. You can get professional car removal services in Adelaide without investing time, energy, or money. Inform us about your feasibility for the car collection, and our team will be at your doorstep within 24 hours to offer free car removal without asking for additional charges.

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    FREE Scrap Car Removal Towing in Adelaide


    Customers must be honest when submitting details about their cars. The more genuine the information, the more money you will receive. As a result, it is essential to submit the following factors when having the car inspected:

    • Give all the details about your vehicle’s condition, usage, mileage, year of purchasing etc.
    • Give details about the registration.
    • Provide an authentic odometer.
    • Correct data on the auto repairs (especially trucks).
    • Return the car with all of its original equipment.

    Contact Our Support Team

    Please contact us if you require any other information. Our customer support team is always available to answer questions from consumers.

    08 8268 8820
    Factors to consider for choosing cash for cars adelaide service


    When you sell a registered car for cash, you must cancel its registration with SA Services. You can cancel the registration in person or online. You need the car’s Notice of Disposal form and registration certificate to sell it to us. Once we get your car, we will dispose of it in an environmental friendly manner in our scrap yard.



    Look no further for a car owner willing to pay premium prices for their cars. We offers up to $9,999 cash for cars of any make or condition. We are the easy way to dispose of your old, damaged cars. We are prospective buyers who pay cash for cars, regardless of their brand or condition. Don’t spend energy looking for a buyer now!  Get a quick cash quote for your unwanted cars by contacting us.

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    We are a licensed (Australian Business Number: 46 154 053 488) and well-known used automobile buying service. We cater to our customers’ demands, from free vehicle inspections to same-day cash payouts.

    We usually pay in cash at the moment, but we can also negotiate for transactions by bank transfer or cheque.

    No! We provide our clients with a free towing service. We will not cost you a towing fee, regardless of how far you reside.

    The time it takes to remove a car is usually some hours. Although, because of the massive amount of bookings, traffic, and other important considerations, it may take longer than anticipated.

    We pay cash for cars based on their condition, usage, age, manufacture, and model. However, the cost can be increased to $9,999.