Car Valuation in Adelaide

We Value your Car like no other Wrecker in Adelaide

How can Car Wreckers Adelaide offer you the best cash offers for your damaged, old or wrecked car or truck? Because we are Adelaide’s finest wreckers, with many years of expertise and experience on our side. Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote. Call 08 8268 8820

Your Car or Truck is fairly evaluated at Car Wreckers Adelaide

When we are contacted to make an offer on a car or truck, we know how to maximise the value of the vehicle. You may have called countless wreckers in Adelaide to hear the same price roll off the tip of the tongues of appraisers. Many wreckers offer a flat rate for damaged, old, and wrecked cars without paying attention to the details of the car. There are many things to consider when appraising a car or truck, which is why we are the trusted Scrap Car Removals Adelaide that makes fair cash offers for cars and trucks of all makes and conditions.

Our Valuation Process

We are keen on ensuring that every seller that comes to us, leaves with a nice profit for the sale of their car or truck. Which is why, before we appraise a car or truck, we will ask the owners for all the details of their vehicles. While you can provide us with the make and year of the vehicle which allows us to look up its weight and size, as well as the metals of the vehicle, what we require from you is a thorough description of the car. The reason for this is that there are many factors that make a car or truck more valuable to wreckers. For instance, the tyres. Many sellers fail to consider the condition of their tyres when providing a description. Just as the condition of the frame of the vehicle and its engine, the condition of the tyres need to be disclosed as well. Be as specific as possible when providing a description of your car so that we can be as accurate as possible in making you our best offer for the car.

Receiving a Quote from Car Wreckers Adelaide

As mentioned earlier, we need a complete description of your car to provide a quote. We are wreckers that do our best to maximise the value of cars, to provide you with a good cash offer. We make quotes over the phone and online, and sellers can expect their quotes to be accurate from the description they have provided. we only need the Vehicle Registration Certificate from you.

There are many things we consider when buying cars and trucks, including:

  • All parts that can be pulled and reconditioned
  • All components of the car that can be reconditioned
  • The condition of the frame of the vehicle
  • Metals, including all precious metals that are under the hood of the car

These are a few factors that help us determine the value of a car, providing you with accurate quotes.

With Cars for Cash Adelaide you have wreckers, but you also have recyclers that will optimise the value of your wrecked, damaged, or old car or truck by recycling what we cannot pull and recondition. With us, you have optimal value for cars and trucks of any make and condition.

We are also wreckers that provide courtesy car & truck removals, so you don’t have to spend money on towing the car to us. We will come to you to get it removed.

Simply fill the enquire now form to get a quote for your car. Please be as detailed as possible with the description of your car, so our appraisers can make the most accurate quote possible.

Trust Car Wreckers Adelaide to offer you the best cash offer for your old, used or wrecked car or truck.

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