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Best Options for Getting Rid of my Old or Unwanted Car?

Best Options for Getting Rid of my Old or Unwanted Car_

When a car owner no longer wants their car, they have a few options for getting rid of the car. Firstly, if the car is in working condition, you might choose to donate the car and get an end of year tax deduction. You also might consider placing a few classified ads to get the car sold, which will take costs and time. There is another option that is worth considering, and that is selling your unwanted cars to one of the Scrap Car Removals Adelaide like Car Wreckers Adelaide.


Selling a car to an Adelaide wrecker like Car Wreckers Adelaide is the best option for car owners that want:

    • A quick sale of their cars – When you sell a car to a car wrecker like us, you have an instant buy for the car. We buy cars over the phone and online and make same day cash payment for the cars.
    • A sale that requires no costs to get your car sold – As wreckers in Adelaide we have the means to get cash out of cars of every condition. So, if you have a car with an engine that is failing, you will not have to go to any costs of repairing the car. We buy cars in “As Is” condition.
    • A sale that provides courtesy services like FREE Car Removal – When you want a quick & convenient car sale, there is no better option than selling it to Car Wreckers Adelaide. We are car wreckers that come to the locations of our customers to buy & remove cars and never charge a fee for car collections.
    • A sale for the car that is legitimate – When selling cars, car owners most often have the concern of “What if something happens and I am still liable for the car?” When selling your car to us, we eliminate those concerns. We are a legitimate buyer in Adelaide that provides all the necessary paperwork for a clean sale.


To obtain a cash quote for your car, please contact us at the number below. For an online quote, all that is necessary is to visit our homepage to complete our enquiry form. With Car Wreckers Adelaide you have the best way to get rid of your unwanted car for cash! Contact us for a top cash offer for your unwanted car by calling 08 8268 8820.