The Benefits of Selling Your Old Car to Us

Posted On May 21st, 2019

There are many Car Wreckers in Adelaide. So, why choose Car Wreckers Adelaide? We are fully aware that this is a question you’re going to have on your mind.

We’re A Seasoned Car Wrecker & Cash for Cars Company in Adelaide

People often ask – what is the difference between a Wrecker and Cash for Car dealer.

Wreckers, basically, take old cars with little to no commercial value attached to them – apart – for a living.

They may not always be the ones who buy your car from you, however.

Old Cars Adelaide

Cash for car dealers buy old cars – and may forward sell them to wreckers who will salvage usable parts from the vehicle

Cash for car dealers are different from car wreckers, in that, they don’t take the cars apart – that’s the wrecker’s job.

They merely buy old, scrap, junk or accident damaged cars from customers who wish to sell them – passing the vehicles to wreckers who salvage the cars for usable parts.

Sometimes, cash for car dealers and wreckers are one and the same

They buy Cars For Cash, remove them from accident sites when they have been irretrievably damaged in accidents and then take them apart at their warehouses or workshops.

Wreckers sell used car parts online or to secondhand car dealers in Adelaide for a small profit

Those parts they cannot sell, they degrease and dispose off in ways that are ecologically friendly.

Car paint is toxic to the environment. It harms the trillions of micro-organisms who depend on it for life.

Car Wreckers Adelaide will strip the car’s metal body of paint using specialised processes they’ve perfected over the years.

They will then sell the car’s metal body off as scrap to metal recycling plants in Adelaide or other states.

Will car wreckers in Adelaide buy any type of car?

Yes, Car Wreckers in Adelaide (they’re sometimes also referred to auto wreckers) will buy a car regardless of its make, model, age or accident history.

The prices wreckers in Adelaide offer are modest – between $50 to $500 – depending on the vehicle’s condition.

For a brand-new car, partially used or repossessed car, the price wreckers offer will be much higher, of course, and could reach as high as $9,999.

Sell your car for cash to a dealer known for integrity and trust

A fair-price dealer, our core values are integrity and trust.

We stand by the offers we make our customers.

We turn up when we say we will – plus provide many additional services such as ‘Assistance with Vehicle Transfer Paperwork’ at no charge, whatsoever.

The benefits of selling your car to Auto Wreckers Adelaide

  • Instant cash for your car
  • FREE Quote over the Phone in minutes
  • FREE Assistance with Vehicle Transfer Paperwork
  • Courteous, polite service
  • Collection of vehicle from residence


To obtain a FREE Quote for your Car over the Phone, please call us now on (08) 8268 8820.


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