Car Wreckers Adelaide is a car buyer & wrecker in one. We are a leading wrecker & Car Removal Company in Adelaide, SA that pays instant cash for cars, trucks, vans, & SUVs of any make and condition. We know that Adelaide car owners regardless of whether their cars are in prime condition or they are in non-working condition want a convenient way to sell their cars with no costs and hassles without losing the value of their cars.

Wreckers Adelaide is a car buyer with years of experience in the auto industry. We are wreckers that honor the actual value of cars with fair prices that are accurate and based on the make & condition of the car as well as other factors like it year, etc. Our cash for car prices reach up to $9,999 cash, and car owners are not required to fill out mounds of paperwork or wait for a cheque in the mail to get their hands on the cash payment for their cars. We make instant cash payments at the time we remove cars.

Car Wreckers Adelaide offers car owners a selling process that is quick and simple. You have a car buyer that provides quotes easily as we provide instant cash quotes over the phone and online. When we are your buyer, you have a buyer that you can trust. You also have a buyer that wrecks and scraps cars,

Like many Aussies, we also have a concern and commitment to keeping the environment green. We succeed in our quest by providing car owners with green services such as eco-friendly disposals for their cars.


At Car Wreckers Adelaide, you have a car buyer that knows cars and will make you a fair cash quote on your car for sale. Contact us for a quote:

  1. Contact a Car Wreckers Adelaide appraiser, providing the appraiser with the details of your car for an instant cash quote. Quotes can be obtained over the phone and online.
  2. Accept, reject, or consider our offer for a bit.
  3. Schedule a ‘Free Car Removal’ anywhere in Adelaide, SA.
  4. Count your cash.

Our selling process is one that is quick and convenient as we go to all the work while our customers count their cash.

  • Sell Car for Cash Adelaide – any make and condition.
  • Get instant cash quotes.
  • Free wrecking and car scrapping.
  • Get up to $9,999 cash on the spot.

Call us for a quote at 0477 413 136.