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5 Tips for Driving a Hybrid Car

5 Tips for Driving a Hybrid Car

A hybrid car is the dream car of many drivers. They are advanced in technology, stylish, and offer savings. Car Wreckers Adelaide offers the following tips on driving hybrid cars.

1. Efficiency

The entire concept of a hybrid car is to be efficient; so, don’t be hot rodding behind the wheel. They are designed to consume less fuel and use more electric power to power the car. The harder you drive the car (foot on the pedal) the more of the car’s resources you will be exhausting. When driving, use the fuel engine to get the car up to speed, and then let the electric motor take over in cruise mode. This is the most efficient way to run the car.

2. Speed

Keep the speed of the car at a reasonable speed. For instance, if you are driving on the Interstate, don’t set the cruise control to 70 mph. Set it or 60 mph. Travelling at a reasonable speed is the best way to save on fuel consumption.

3. Battery

With the battery of the car needing to be charged to power the car, it would seem like it is best to fully charge the battery before going out on the road. Think again! When the battery is fully charged, the car consumes power faster. In fact, when the battery is half charged it consumes less power. Read the owner’s manual for the car, as many manufacturers suggest that the battery should be charged between a 20 and 80 percent range. Never drop below the range, as you will ruin your battery.

4. Braking

When braking using the electrical battery power, energy can be put back into the vehicle when applying the brakes. However, don’t think that speeding up the car and then hard, fast-breaking is good for the car. Brake gradually, riding the brake often. This will help with the charge of the battery as you will not need to charge it as often.

5. Accessories

The car is filled with accessories like the radio, air conditioner, and heater, lights, etc. If your car is equipped with an eco-friendly mode, then use it as it is designed so that the car uses less battery power when supplying power to the accessories. Also, get in the habit of not using your headlights during daylight hours. If you like to listen to tunes when driving, use the iPad or your cellular phone.

Hybrid cars are not the “ordinary” car, and knowing your car is essential for its performance. If you have not read the owner’s manual, read it from cover to cover as there is vital information of the car that drivers must be familiar with for safety and the longevity of the car.

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