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4 Top Things You Should Know about Your Brake Pads

4 Top Things You Should Know about Your Brake Pads

Part of your car’s regular maintenance is to replace the brake pads when they wear down. Your car will give you signals like metal grinding noise that the brake pads or rotors are bad. Car Wrecker Adelaide offers the following information for brake pads.

1. Signs your brake pads are bad

When your car’s brakes squeals and make a metal grinding noise is a sure indication that the pads need to be replaced. Also, if it takes you longer distances to stop your car or have to brake hard to get the car to stop it is a sign that the brake pads need replacing. As a rule of thumb, you should have your brakes checked each time you have your oil changed or every six months. The brakes are a part of the car that gets a great deal of wear, and it is essential to keep them in good condition.

2. How often should the brakes be replaced?

How often brakes should be replaced is typically determined by the amount of driving you to do. If you use your car once a week, obviously you likely won’t need to replace them as soon as a driver that drives their car night and day, seven days a week. Again, the brakes of a car should be checked every six months to ensure thickness, the rotors condition, calipers and other hardware.

3. Why do pads and rotors need to be changed?

Brake pads wear down and will need replacement when worn. Rotors can warp, get damaged or wear unevenly and will need to be replaced with this happens. The length of life of the pads and rotors will depend on the number of miles driven and how often the brakes for the car are used. However, they likely will not last for the life of the car.

4. How much will the replacement cost?

The cost of replacement will vary depending on different factors, including your mechanic and the type of car that you have. Typically, you can expect to pay around $150 per axle but can be as much as $300 per axle. There is different hardware in the brake system that may need to be serviced, as well, which can add to the cost of replacements.  Getting quotes from different local, trusted mechanics will allow you to shop and compare the cost of replacement for brake pads and rotors.

If you have not read your owner’s manual, get it out and read it. There is plenty of valuable information for the car listed in the manual, including a section on the brake system for the car. Knowing your car is helping its performance and longevity, as you will know the proper care for the car and service interval schedules.

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