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Car Wreckers Adelaide is a car buyer & wrecker in one. We are a leading wrecker & removal company in Adelaide, SA that pays instant cash for cars, trucks, vans, & SUVs of any make and condition. We know that Adelaide car owners regardless of whether their cars are in prime condition or they are in nonworking condition want a convenient way to sell their cars with no costs and hassles without losing the value of their cars. We offer just that.

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Company Overview

Car Wreckers Adelaide Gets the Most Cash Out of Cars & Trucks

Get the profit you deserve from your car. Contact Car Wreckers Adelaide for a cash for cars offer up to $9,999 cash.

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We provide the services you require when selling your car of any make and condition in Adelaide, SA:

  • Car wreckers Adelaide
  • Toyota wreckers
  • Nissan wreckers
  • Mitsubishi wreckers
  • Truck wreckers
  • Car removals Adelaide
  • Sell my car
  • Cash for Cars
  • Sell my truck
  • Scrap my car
  • Buying unwanted cars
  • Used car buyers
  • Cash for trucks
  • Cash for unregistered cars
  • Truck dismantlers
  • Auto removal Adelaide
Car Wreckers Adelaide

Car Wreckers Adelaide is a way to sell your car of any make and condition for its best value and receive our many complimentary services.

Car Wreckers Adelaide: As our name implies, we are car wreckers in Adelaide, but we’re no ordinary wreckers. We provide extraordinary services and pay you to remove and wreck your car Adelaide wide, in Wingfield and Lonsdale.

Toyota Wreckers: We are wreckers that specialise in Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. With us, you have a car buyer that appreciates your make of car and is ready to pay you for its value.

Nissan Wreckers: Car Wreckers Adelaide wrecks Nissan cars, trucks, & SUVs, paying our customers instant cash.

Mitsubishi Wreckers: Your Mitsubishi of any condition could be worth up to $9,999 cash when you contact Car Wreckers Adelaide. We pay top cash for Mitsubishi cars.

Truck Wreckers: Have a professional truck wrecker for your truck wrecking by calling Car Wreckers Adelaide. We specialise in the truck wrecking of all makes of trucks.

Car Removals Adelaide: We provide all car and truck owners selling their cars to us with free car removals in Adelaide.

Sell My Car: Selling your car can be costly and time-consuming. With Car Wreckers Adelaide there is no cost involved, and very little time involved. All that is necessary is to pick up the phone for a cash quote. If the quote is one you’d like to accept, clear out your personal belongings from your car and we’ll be on our way to buy & remove the car.

Cash for Cars: With Car Wreckers Adelaide, you get instant cash for your car. Contact us for a cash quote up to $9,999.

Sell My Truck: Car Wreckers Adelaide buys trucks of every make and condition. Eliminate the hassles of selling your truck by contacting us for a cash quote up to $9,999 for your truck.

Scrap My Car: Scrap and deteriorated cars are no concern with Car Wreckers Adelaide in town. We buy & remove scrap cars from any make and condition, leaving our customers with a cash payment for their scrap cars.

Buying Unwanted Cars: Cars of any make and condition that the car owners no longer want, or feel have value can be sold to Car Wreckers Adelaide for cash and a free car removal in Adelaide.

Used Car Buyers: When the car is in used condition, you can get a top dollar quote from Car Wreckers Adelaide. We buy used cars paying up to $9,999 cash.

Cash for Trucks: Get up to $9,999 cash for trucks of any make or condition. We make instant cash quotes over the phone and online.

Cash for Unregistered Cars: Your registration does not need to be up to date to get your car sold to Car Wreckers Adelaide. We will buy your unregistered car “As Is.”

Truck Dismantlers: We are masters in dismantling trucks of any make and condition, putting top cash payments in the owners’ hands.

Auto Removal Adelaide: Get a quick removal of your car or truck or any other type of auto and a cash payment of up to $9,999. We will buy & removal your auto of any make and condition.

With Car Wreckers Adelaide, we are the car buyer you are looking for.

We deal with all major brands

Why Choose Us?

When you have a car for sale, selling it to a professional buyer that accurately determines the values of cars. We are an established auto wrecker in Adelaide, SA, and one with a team of top of the line individuals that are the best in their line of work.

We are a car buyer that is reliable, and one that you can depend on for quality services and fair, accurate prices for cars for sale.

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