Car Wreckers Adelaide Offers An Extensive Range Of Used Auto Parts

  • Reliable auto dismantlers Adelaide
  • Largest inventory of 55,000+ used spare parts in Adelaide
  • Auto parts with 2 months warranty
  • New & used car parts at reasonable price
  • Environmental-friendly recycling process
  • 100% Satisfied Customers Feedback
    Star rating of GMB reviews for Cash for Cars AdelaideStar rating of GMB reviews for Cash for Cars AdelaideStar rating of GMB reviews for Cash for Cars AdelaideStar rating of GMB reviews for Cash for Cars AdelaideStar rating of GMB reviews for Cash for Cars Adelaide

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    Let Go Of All Worries With Auto Wreckers Adelaide

    Welcome to Car Wreckers Adelaide, SA’s first and largest car dismantler, offering all things related to cars, such as automotive parts, engines, scrap metal, and more. We specialise in purchasing all types of passenger and commercial vehicles for top cash and provide free car removals across the Adelaide, Australia. 

    We are a premier destination for reliable and efficient auto wrecking in Adelaide. In this fast-paced era, who has time for a gruelling car-selling process? The hassle of listing your vehicle online for sale, finding private buyers, and the risk of getting scammed is a bit too much.

    That’s where we come in! We exceed our customers’ expectations by offering them the highest cash for cars in Adelaide, up to $9,999, and we will buy your unwanted car in just 24 hours.

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    About Our Company

    About Our Company

    Car Wreckers Adelaide, a registered Austrlian company since 2011 with the ABN 46 154 053 488, redefines vehicle recycling in line with the Australian National Vehicle Recycling Scheme (NVRS). Our over a decade of experience in responsible and sustainable vehicle disposal, coupled with our dedication to ethical practices and environmental consciousness, sets us apart in the car wrecking industry. We specialize in the safe handling of hazardous materials, efficient recycling of car parts, and offer complimentary car pick-up to reduce environmental impact. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner Australia and receive fair value for your scrap car, ensuring a responsible end to your vehicle’s journey.

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    Wreck Any Type Of Vehicle In Adelaide

    Car Wreckers Adelaide are the most professional Adelaide auto wreckers that pay upfront cash for all vehicle types. We realise how disappointing lowball offers can make you feel, so we never do that to you.

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    Explore Our Vast Inventory of Used & New Auto Spare Parts

    Buying a secondhand car part can save you hundreds of dollars in your repair budget. But it’s always best to choose a reliable supplier that has been in the business for a long time and offers quality materials with a warranty.

    At Car Wrecker Adelaide, we have been a trusted source of recycled and reconditioned parts for over a decade. We offer an extensive selection of auto parts that have been rigorously tested to ensure only the finest quality parts are available for purchase.

    Our parts come with a 2-month warranty and a money-back guarantee if they fail to run smoothly.

    Our inventory includes:

    • Motor
    • Gear Box
    • Tyres
    • Mags
    • Rims
    • Rim Covers
    • Transmission
    • Suspension
    • Power Steering
    • Radiator
    • Air Conditioner
    • Starter Motor Alternator
    • Bonnet
    • Roof Rack
    • Tow Bar
    • Rear View Mirror
    • Headlights
    • Front Bar
    • Guards
    • Windscreen
    • Door
    • Window Glass
    • Dorr Mirror
    • Rear Bar
    • Tail Lights
    • Tail Gate
    • Exhaust System
    • Interior Seats
    • Steering Wheel
    • Catalytic Converter
    • and more

    For an inventory lookup, call us now.

    Quick & Simple Process To Order Your Desired Auto Part Adelaide

    Truly Amazeballs Car Wreckers Adelaide SA

    With Car Wreckers Adelaide SA Service, you can sell your car to us, whatever its make, model or condition. Our experience and expertise simply make us the best in Adelaide when it comes to car wrecking.

    We are all set to be your loyal companion in times of distress. Feel free to take us up on the following:

    Free Car Wrecking Adelaide:

    The best way to say a meaningful goodbye to your scrap or unwanted car is to call Car Wreckers Adelaide SA. Just give us a call, and we’ll provide you with a cash offer instantly and tow it away for free.

    Eco-friendly Wrecking & Recycling:

    If you want to dispose of a car responsibly, then we’re just the right guys for the job! We provide free eco-friendly wrecking and recycling. When you are confused about where to sell my car Adelaide, our team is there to collect it. We wreck it, salvaging working parts and recycling the rest.

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    All Car Conditions Are Acceptable At Car Wreckers Adelaide

    If you are sick of your car because it’s old or it’s not roadworthy anymore, don’t worry. We find value in all vehicles due to their working parts and precious metals. We buy:
    • Junk cars
    • Weather damaged cars
    • Old cars
    • Used cars
    • Engine damaged cars
    • Unwanted cars
    • Accident-condition cars
    • Scrap cars
    • Fire damaged cars
    • Flood-damaged cars
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    Sell or Buy Cars Parts Wreckers of Any Brand With A Single Click

    We provide seamless transactions for buying or selling car parts of any brand, make, and model with just a single click. We are a car scrap yard in Adelaide with expert knowledge of all car brands.

    Following are the brands that we frequently buy or sell for auto car wreckers:

    Whether you have a car, ute, van, or truck – you name it – we’ll gladly buy it after paying cash on the spot.

    Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle to Car Dismantlers Adelaide & Recyclers

    You probably have a car that is proving to be a drag on your finances as it’s old and stops running every time you take it out for a drive. And you know, sooner or later, you’ll have to get it off your hands to make much-needed space in the garage.
    If that’s the case, you should consider selling it for auto parts in Adelaide. There are a lot of benefits if you find a trusted auto dismantler.

    If your car is no longer a runner, it’s time to make some additional cash. When you’re running low on money, getting your unwanted car out of the driveway can be your way out.
    Think about selling your car to wrecking yards in south Australia if you want to save energy and resources spent on manufacturing car metal. Recycled metals can save about 90% of the energy used on copper, 92% on aluminium, and 56% on steel.
    Scores of car parts are salvaged, reused and recycled by wreckers in Adelaide. A car ending up on a dump site or landfill wastes all the precious car items. Contact car wreckers if you want to sell your car in an eco friendly way.
    It’s no fun to look at junk vehicles. Busted, rusted, dented, or bad paint jobs don’t make a car look good on any property. If you are going through the same, scrapping your car can be the quickest way to let go of the worry related to fixing it up.
    Explore More Benefits

    Our Recent Purchases

    We buy all types of cars, here is some images of our recently purchased vehicles. (We can’t share the image of each car due to customer security)
    1996 Toyota Corolla Conquest

    1996 Toyota Corolla Conquest

    From: North Adelaide

    The owner of this car was seeking a smooth transition for the vehicle. With a commitment to responsible disposal, the decision to sell reflects a desire for an easy process.

    2004 Ford Falcon XR6T

    2004 Ford Falcon XR6T

    From: Henley Beach, Adelaide

    This car looks good on the outside, but there are hidden problems inside, leading the owner to sell it. We make process smooth for owner dealing with internal issues.

    2008 Audi A8

    2008 Audi A8

    From: Elizabeth, Adelaide

    Unfortunately, it comes with a broken bumper due to a previous accident. Despite this setback, the owner has chosen to sell it to us in a good price.

    2009 Subaru Forester

    2009 Subaru Forester

    From: Adelaide

    This car faced a major accident, leaving the front bumper and engine badly damaged. Rather than fixing it, the owner chose to sell and received a good cash offer from us.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us over our competitors:

    • We are the most trusted auto wreckers in Adelaide.
    • We offer the finest prices for your old car.
    • We have an enormous selection of used auto parts.
    • We provide fast and simple car removal.
    • We are committed to customer satisfaction.
    • We employ state-of-the-art technicians, machinery, and equipment.
    • We uphold highest standards & follow government approved polices.
    Why Choose Us
    Why Choose Car Wreckers Adelaide

    We Offer Free Pickup In Adelaide

    Our car buying process is lightning fast, so we can be at your doorstep within no time to buy and remove your car. Unlike other car removal companies, we don’t need you to bring your vehicle to our location.

    Get the same day car removals and the top dollar in your hands. Wherever you are in Adelaide, just pick up your phone and avail free towing of your vehicle.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your car’s worth in Adelaide will vary depending on its make, model, age, and condition. Simply complete our online form or give us a call at 08 8268 8820 to obtain an exact price. For all different kinds of automobiles in Adelaide, we have affordable costs.

    We do really provide free automobile removal services around Adelaide. As soon as you accept our offer, we’ll plan a convenient collection time. Our experts will visit you and tow your automobile away without charging you more.

    There are various advantages to selling your automobile to CarWreckersAdelaide. For all kinds of automobiles, including old, damaged, unwanted, and junk autos, we offer top cash offers. Our procedure is simple, easy, and rapid. Additionally, we are dedicated to eco-friendly activities and recycle automobiles in accordance with green technologies.

    We make automobile recycling and removal simple and environmentally friendly at CarWreckersAdelaide. We’ll arrange a pickup at your desired time and place as soon as you get in touch with us and accept our offer. After that, our staff will tow your automobile to our recycling plant, where it will be broken down and recycled using eco-friendly procedures.

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    If you are searching for a reliable car buying company with years of experience, you’ll love this!
    Car Wreckers Adelaide offers free quotes for unwanted cars and a hassle-free paperwork process. Find the part you are looking for your old car or get rid of a non-runner car for cash in no time.

    Call our team to get a FREE quote for your vehicle instantly.

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