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We all want the best cash returns for our old cars yet some places simply don’t deliver. There is nothing more frustrating than taking your unwanted vehicle down to the wreckers and having them tell you they’ll dismantle it for a price you can’t help but scoff at. Luckily, you have Car Wreckers Adelaide here to provide you with the best return in the whole of SA.

We provide a cash for scrap cars service that is fair and efficient, providing efficient disposal of the vehicle before getting back to you with a cash return you can smile about. We also take care of car removal, so if your vehicle is on its last legs and you don’t trust it to make it to our wreckers, all you have to do is give us a call on and we will come to your location and remove it for you – all for free!

You can even receive a free quote for the disposal and wrecking of your vehicle. Just give us a call on 04 7741 3136 or 08 8268 8820.

Car Wrecking Adelaide

We Deal with A Huge Range of Makes and Models

Our wrecker’s service for all makes and models of vehicle: Japanese, German, Korean, simply bring your unwanted car to us and we’ll disassemble it and provide you with a handful of cold, hard cash. Not only this, but we also take of different types of vehicles, from 4X4s to trucks, vans and more, we know our way around a wide and varied range of vehicles.

We are Committed to Recycling

At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we are committed to the ongoing sustainability and future of our environment. Therefore, and unlike other wreckers, we don’t let any parts go to waste. Even if the particular part doesn’t necessarily serve a lasting purpose we ensure that it is disposed of properly and is not polluting our waterways and the environment in general.

Contact Us to Get Started

So, are you tired of being stooged by wreckers who are only looking to get the best return for themselves on your vehicle? At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we care about customer satisfaction, and care about you getting a cash return that is fair and just. To book in a time with our friendly and professional team of wreckers, simply give us a call on 04 7741 3136 or 08 8268 8820 and we will set up a time that suits you best or come and pick up the vehicle for you!

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